Easter with Sales

The last week, literally, has been SALES, SALES, SALES!!! and all on Brick Lane. 
Last weekend was the American Apparel sale which you may of heard of because of the mass hype and major disturbance caused by the 2000 people storming down Brick Lane on the first day it opened. this resulted in many of us disappointed bargain hunters having to leave empty handed though all was not lost as it was open throughout the Easter weekend.
Jokes were to be had as you probably heard the story about the man who jumped on the car to only find police surrounding him with no way down.
I ventured out again both on Saturday and Monday only to return empty handed, though my friend, Katrina (named but not shamed) found this amazing buy on Monday at one of Brick Lane’s top vintage shopping spot, Absolute Vintage.
Phoenix satchel bag. Leather in really amazing condition. All clips, buckles and buttons in working order and the best bit was the price £45 which i think is a steal considering the condition of the leather bag. 
Not gonna lie, I was quite jealous at this find. 
I think you can never go wrong with a good leather satchel, really, as a student the convenient for carry books, folders and small, under 15″, laptops and note books is a kept easy by the bags divided sections. They’re an essential item to any student, like having a sturdy rucksack or backpack for when you begin the year. 

Also, today, I’d never noticed how awesome Vivienne Westwood’s collections were. ALthough the things in the sale today were two years out i still couldn’t help but be amazed at the imagination and creativity that she expresses through her work. True inspiration… LOVE HER… 

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