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It has been soo long since I last posted something so why not a little update into what’s been going on.
I’ve finished my first year at university (thank goodness) and am finally free from the Institution until next week when i have to hand in this form I’ve been holding onto since last year… Yeah, shows my brilliant organisational skills.
Lately, I’ve been playing around a lot with my camera to find it has another menu of settings that actually cause the effect I’ve been trying to get my camera to do, plus i got my sc-29 cord for some awesome off camera flash shows. Its gonna be such an amazing summer with Morocco and Italy in the line up, maybe even America, Orlando, not to sure yet, funds need to be raised like by me finding a job. . .
HA! Good one, crack myself up, oh my turning into a little rant.
Erm, well i got my first like proper photography work experience, its amazing, we’re documenting the changes and changing East London in the build up to the Olympics, we’ve only done one day of shooting but work calls…

This is one. Im not entirely sure what were looking for in this project. Is it the dramatic change in people and how they interact? Im so unsure… anyways ima stop rambling now… my indian food’s here
Peace out x

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