Isn’t it funny how a lack of station staff and signal failure on a london underground line can result in the meeting of new people that you otherwise wouldn’t have even pay any mind.
Strange how maybe 10-20 years ago if you were to bump into a strangers and strum up a conversation over some common issue or problem that it was more than likely that you’d never see them again and you’d both go about your lives, but now-a-days, it has become easier to ask for a contact detail of some sort, like a facebook name or email.
Along my travels to Ribbon’s pub gathering, I ran into one such person. We engaged in conversation, that spanned our slightly more expensive and extensive journeys, until our farewells. (This resulted as problem of “touching out” our oysters at a closed station.) But its strange. We exchanged glances on the platform but didn’t interact with eachother until we experienced a similar problem.
Weirder that we exchanged emails after such a brief coincidental meeting.


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