Cultural day out

Latin Festival, just had to say that that was amazing. The salsa, the food (oh my gosh BEAUTIFUL),the capoeira (lack of) music and the friends made it all amazing though we missed the floats the whole ambience about the park was just so full of energy. South america is the place, Brazil 2014 eat your heart out.

The morning was culture filled too, we went to the Hackney Wick art festival, two totally different vibes. Although most of the art in East London is undoubtably becoming the same, there was one artist, though the term designer would better define her, that really stood out.
Natalie Thakur. Her message is simple and included the most awesome leather bags in the shapes of the plastic and paper ones that should be recycled but are more likely to be seen in an up-blown as a piece of litter. Reuseability is at the heart of the collection and they come in various styles and shapes that are incredibly real to their plastic and paper counter parts.

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