Charlie Chaplin?.. On the Catwalk?

John Galliano has to be one of my favourite designers. He possesses all the qualities in his work that i hope that i can when i start designing interiors, his innovativeness, his flair to create something different based on a single theme.

This collection was released upon the mass as the Men’s 2011 S/S, a slight hint to it at the Couture show when Galliano appeared on the catwalk at the end.

The collection is made up of many suits including 3 pieces, or blazers over jacket and trousers, or just jacket and trousers and contained what has to be the best trouser design ever, the drop crotch. He also includes bathing suits which adds to the dated feel, post WWII?

Theres always an energy that surrounds the catwalk show and the presentation of the of the clothes whenever Galliano exhibits a new pieces of his work, making his work exciting and visually engaging for other reasons than the clothes.  Its as though the show in it entirety brings forth a new entity.

images., watch the catwalk at


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