Pieces from a traveller

Every night since then I’ve looked to the sky in hope that i may be able to see them again. As clear as they appeared that night in the desert and in Marrakesh when we slept on the roof top. Each one glistening and shinning in the night sky, revealed like tiny diamonds from a dark pouch of black velvet. The odd one jetting itself across the sky like a bird.
I’ve now returned to the city where you see a plane move across the sky of orange haze backed onto a sort of purple backdrop, with the odd faint glimmer from a spec like diamond dust when one strains the eye.

Morocco was filled with beauty everywhere from the Souks to the far out country in the hills hiding the secret waterfall. Although we only spent 16 days there it felt as though we’d spent a long while there, we figured out the souks of Marrakesh quite quickly  after being lost only a few times in the beginning, though the souks in Fes are a completely different story with endless twists, turns and dead ends. Most towns in Morrocco are spilt into the old and new towns, many of the old towns date back as far as the 15th century if I remember correctly from our tour of one in Fes, by the tour guide that ripped us off ever so slightly.

The adventure began at Gatwick Airport, London at about midnight with the meeting of the original four travellers, and ended with us an additional 5 after a quick tea meeting in Marrakesh after the original 5’s trip around Morocco, having done a 9 hour train journey the day before.

We visited Marrakesh, Essaouira, Cassablanca and Fes. Each known for something different, like Cassablanca the up and coming city on the coast, Essaouira the lazy seaside town enclosed within the medina walls and Fes know for having the oldest university in the world. Marrakesh is what it is, Marrakesh it was great and small mix of the all the cities.

I had to say, Fes and Essaouira were my favourites as they weren’t to hard to find yourself about espically where we stayed though finding both hostels where a bit of a mission after those coach and train journeys. I love fish and beaches so that made Essaouira the place for me all holiday as there was all you could eat as it was a town on the coast. It was the only place i could get to go to some art galleries too. Fes, well where we stayed and after becoming regulars amongst the locals at a cafe where 3 of the 5 could watch the world cup, it was amazing.

I don’t know if i keep writing it going to become rambling. So many memories.

Check my flickr for more pictures http://www.flickr.com/photos/35863833@N04/sets/72157624491627657/


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