Fashion’s Night Out

It happens all over the world on different night and has been running for two years now in the London. Vogue’s Fashion Night Out is yet another crazy event in the run up to London Fashion Week. It begins the new year of fashion by bringing shoppers closer to clothes with many stores having discounts and special events.

This year was my first one and it was INSANE! I loved every moment of it, the clothes, the champagne, the photo-booths and the pain in my feet was definitely worth every second of art presented at each and every store. My favourites had to be between Josephs, purely because the woman that I got the t-shirts from was an absolute star about me exchanging them for different sizes about 10 times, Chanel and Jimmy Choo, photo-booth fun, and Alexander McQueen. Standing in the store absorbing the ambience and knowing that i was surrounded by people that also LOVE his designs and genius as much as i do.

Many stores had private parties such as Louis Vuitton which i mush say has one of the best window displays along New Bond Street. Some had bloggers battling it out in store windows styling models the best and the public voting, Pull and Bear. There was a  performance by Janelle Monae at GAP which I still cannot get over that  I missed. Shes just to AWESOME. Amongst the craziness, there were many style bloggers snatching up the most stylish of us for snaps, but what makes any fashion event worth while are the actors/actresses, models and others of fashion-influencable status. I was fortunate to see Thandie Newton who i must say looks even more STUNNING in the flesh, photos were not allowed in Chanel, sporting a Stella McCartney dress. Manolo Blahnik also opened his new section with new collection at Liberty which had people queueing half way down Carnaby street. Thats like crazy dedication to see shoe designer, no?

There was just so much on that one evening that it was a shame that it ended at 10pm for most of the public whilst after parties raved to the morning, but I HAD FUN!!! Next year is the year to do one event at a store and take a bunch of pictures, seriously!

Thank you Vogue.

Oh did you hear about the Anna Wintor look-a-like Harvey Nicks? JOKES


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