Reunited with Italia

Italia, you have produced many things I love, for example, the 2003 Maserati with boomerang rear LED lights, illy’s cappuccinos and Pavesini biscuits, and Vogue that has yet to bore me, Vogue Italia is amaze! SERIOUSLY GET IT!. But one of the greatest things you’ve produced are my italian duo, Princess (loser) Zehra and Principessa Nadia. Two of my bests from secondary school (showing my age now).


SO, we’ve been around, out and about, catching up and doing all sort from Vivienne Westwood shoe exhibition at Selfridges, to not eating sushi but frozen yogurt at Snog on brewer street. We hit up Fashion’s Night out and even managed to squeeze in the Grace Kelly exhibition at the V&A. We made cuppy-cakes, YUM YUM YUM (I seriously LOVE cake, like its me and cake against the world) at their’s, they even convinced me not to cook a dinner for them, which was mean cause I would have finally been able to prepare a vegetarian lasagne.

But it has been a good few weeks, we even did a little photo-shoot at they’re house of Nadia. (It was your own fault zz. Next time aye. Jan? Venice?)

I’ll see you guys soon, miss you much.


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