Sony’s camera madness

As you all probably know the camera phone is probably now on par (quality wise) with a compact camera, (those above the point and shoot but still not as advance as those with interchangeable lenses or super-zooms), in a probable attempt to strip down what we carry into a single device.

Sony has unveiled a 16 megapixel sensor for they’re future camera phones. I though 8 megapixels was the supposed amount for a decent print out and probably best due to cramming to many pixels onto something of such a small size  increases digital noise and grain, causing a decrease in darker set photographs.

SERIOUSLY! Look at the size of it. Can something this small and pixel packed really produce photographs better than the 10 megapixel-d Canon G11 or any other dedicated compact camera? I do however applaud Sony, they seemed to be out there pushing the boat with not only this but the mirrorless-flipping technology in the SLT Alpha series cameras as apposed to those found in the more traditional SLR where the mirror flips up to expose the sensor.

Hit the link for more details of this BEAST of a camera phone sensor, as for me I’ll be sticking with my Nikon D60. (best)


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