Nippon’s 30 years of Fashion

Truly, this exhibition should have been called 30 years of innovation. Its like what the Japanese have done with electronics but instead of bits of data and computing part they’ve taken fabric, meshing and stitching and have shown the world what THEY can do.

I absolutely loved the exhibition, and not just cause I’m slightly obsessed with japanese culture, but there was real insight into what fashion has been doing over there in the last 30 years. reoccurring names Yohji Yamamoto (absolutely  love his stuff, edgy, punk, youthful ahhh DAISUKE) and Kei Kawakubo (who I know designs for Comme Des Garçons) kinda seemed to set a lot into motion in the 80’s. There was a little of everything from catwalk fashion to harajuku style. The exhibition space aswell. Loved the fact that the backing for the downstairs was draped long flowing thin satin type fabric. Seriously recommend.

Yohji Yamamoto 93, gathered black woolYohji Yamamoto 06







Pictures are very “sketchy” as i had to us my phone but had not got round to removing the tab off the camera lens, plus i was under pressure from a certain security guy as he kept coming just as the picture took.

graduation stitch blazer. I absolutely love this blazer by Akira Naka from the A/W09 collection. There’s something quite regal about it and I am captivated by the stitches at the bottom.


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