When I first heard of this 30-40 minute long music video that Kanye West was going to do, I was skeptical and thought, “Meh, its someone else trying to re-do what Michael Jackson did in the 80’s and 90’s”


This has to be one of the most beautifully shot pieces of film I think I have ever seen. The collaboration between Kanye and Hype Williams (I totally called it before I saw the credits too) was just stunning, even in standard definition. I had to later watch it again in full HD which only enhanced the beauty of this captivating piece. Let’s just say it one of the first things, I can remember, that I’ve watched and not fidgeted through.

I particularly enjoyed the ballerina scene, that was amazing, but the piece was made by the phoenix (model Selita Ebank). The costume, designed by Martin Izquierdo in conjunction with Philip Lim and Kanye, and make up was immaculate. More on the phoenix’s onesie, fitting and background. The many shots of the phoenix like the ones in the garden over head or the ones that were of her face and the make up. Also the scene where it cuts away to Mr. West playing the piano with her out of focus were amazing. The Location shot where, say it’d pan from the sky downwards speechless, and the forest cut aways of the red dear, WOW.


Scenes, cut aways, establishing shots (oh yeah, flexing that filming knowledge) has me wanting to try every single effect applied in post production. The colour renditions, like the over saturations and vibrancies with low contrast throughout was super cool. I was so overly blown away, though if i am honest I had to watch it a second time just to see these as the first was about the story. A third and fourth viewing are definitely needed.

Oh, it clicked (well over 30 minutes later) that after that Mr. West had used music from his upcoming album, such a good way to promote an album no? I NEED THIS ALBUM AND VIDEO.

Job well done Mr. West.


“Your girlfriends very pretty…


You do know she’s bird?

I hadn’t noticed.”



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