Turn it up in the British Library


As part of my four day weekend I was taken to the British library by two friends to go see Akala perform. I remember when everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, I knew was really hyped on Akala back in the day, but I wasn’t  sure why. I am so grateful I was lead to the light though cause AKALA IS SICK! As were all the performances given by LowKey and Zena Edwards (a spoken word artist, soo good). That beat boxer, GEEZ! to much. I didn’t think dub-step beats could be done like that. It was insane. Doc Brown, is a G! Seriously too funny with that rhyme.

Doc BrownDoc Brown2










Didn’t pass up this opportunity to do some show photography again, and wow, everytime it gets harder and harder for me to pick out my shots like seriously, I’m not trying to brag or sound big headed but I can see improvement in the number of (what I would call) sucessful shots compared to when I first started doing this. Still not my favourite but it is pretty fun.











To some more photos


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