Thought #73

Today, I guess, I’ve been pretty fortunate not only have I finally got my head around an actual CAD program (Google Sketchup, a CAD program don’t care what you say) but my internet has permitted me the chance to watch the new Chanel no.5 parfum film in HD (big fete if you’ve ever experienced internet in my house).
I am absolutely in love with the advert at the moment and now this film. Both this and Muiller’s new yogurt ad, cow galloping along the beach in slow motion, beautifully shot all laughs and jokes aside. But this new Chanel advert makes me want to watch television in hope of seeing it, the classical set of stations, train, train car rooms and the journey, which I found out today was to Istanbul. There’s something quite classical about Audrey Tautou and how effortlessly she plays her role, truly even if I knew of more french actresses or actresses in general I don’t believe I couldn’t think of anyone else better suited for this part. I know that it’s an advert for women’s parfum very romantically set but I can’t help but be captivated each and every time. Je l’aime.


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