What to say…

Like Wow! I’d like to begin by saying seasons greetings and I hope that you had a very good Christmas and new year break.

Pinch me.  *pinch*

I’m finally here in Firenze and just chilling with the girls, though they’ve both popped off for a nap but who can blame them we have all been up since 4am. You may be wondering why I’m in Firenze (Florence, yeah I go there) at such a crucial time of my architectural and design career development, getting my portfolio ready to hand out into actual Architectural firms over the course of the commencing term and not british ones either, but when I found LuisaViaRoma was offer fashion bloggers the chance to come “play” for the weekend I had to jump straight on it, although my blog is still in its infancy.

TIS CRAZY THOUGH. (I’m to excited to nap.)

I actually can’t believe I flew out this way to attend like seriously, I’m glad they gave my blog the chance and me the chance to experience this.

AHHH, Saturday cannot wait.


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