i LIKe my stYLe, do you?

Randomly, but not surprisingly, in my search for chinese february Vogue (not out till March, PIIISSHHEDDD) brought me across the very interesting and oddly punctuated magazine titled, “i LIKe my stYLE”.
I was instantly wooed by its small book like appearance and use of a non typical editorial styled shot on the cover. It’s so different, and this coming from a DAZED reader, who’s cover are forever wildly varied as is the content, but there was something more pure to this form of the fashion collective.


The magazine is made up entirely of members input and the members input varies widely, from teenage marriage to discussion of fashion taboos such as faux fur to photo-shoots in Iceland, this being what I’ve picked up from the first issue I’ve seen. (issue 4) It’s a quarterly magazine and I’m quite interested in joining this creative force, never know, I might get some shameless self promotion for my photos. Just a thought, but seriously would be cool to contribute to this forum.

Check it out iLikemystYLe “the first user-generated fashion magazine”

Currently in love with this video from a member from NY.


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