Thought #17

Shops, department stores, boutiques I often forget that pieces of my favourite collections and other collections end up in these place. Whilst I gaze at the screen trying to get a some sort of understanding of a collection it’s often easier and a lot more fun to visit these stores of seasonal fashion bliss to gain a deeper feeling and connection as to why I like certain collections and pieces. It also gives that deeper understanding of how pieces are constructed and the level of care and precision goes into creating them.

We we’re having a bit of a nose around Liberty, ‘smelling life’ at the perfume counter, taking in the layers of the ocean and just generally having an awesome time. Almaz (courage at the tea party) is one of the best people to do this with.
But also exploring pieces and collections of the big designer is just as fun as finding new and fun pieces from those you haven’t heard of.
There was a collection of sweaters by Marcus Lupfer that were uber amaze. Upon the knitted sweaters were the heads of animals done in sequins. I thought, know, that they are pretty badass, laid out on the table like some kind of safari.


Definitely going to be hitting the stores a lot more. Like being a kid at a candy store, or for me, arty kid at a museum exploring. ❤


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