Pocket full of mermories

The 10 days after we returned from Rome, our class was given the project which was to capture the essence of our current campus’ spirit (for a better word). The essences of what makes Middlesex Cat Hill, Cat Hill, before we move to the new campus in September. So we put on an exhibition in the grey crit. space of our studio.

We all had very different ideas of what the campus was and how we would reproduce the campus but in an artistic, not architectural form, which proved difficult for some of us, me, after the “Library” project. Admittedly it was the fact that we didn’t need a final design, it was more of an art piece that threw me (it has been a while).

Enjoy the gallery

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My work… about that, it’s a video. Like its supposed to be like the way memories degrade and like bits come and go as you try to remember. Also the randomness of sound too. (Shot with my D90)


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