Life a.t.m.

Seemed so mind-numbingly repetitive until today. Again, I noticed that I was caught up in a loop of class, worrying about the work from class, the lack of a part-time job and that I’m still on the course that I am still uncertain about. However over the last 2 or so days, I have allotted time to rectifying this shift from the repetitive and unhappiness of my current situation. I’ve taken time off to visit a few places and galleries that I haven’t been to since last summer,  the Brick Lane area, V&A museum and the Signal gallery.

First off, I must say how overly disappointed/ dissatisfied I am with the execution of  the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition currently on at the V&A. *rant*

The space housing the exhibition seems like a half-baked thought. With no structured flow to the space, you are left at the entrance to your own devices and the confusion of trying to begin navigating your way through. This not being a bad thing when it helps or plays part in enhancing the exhibits, which I found it not to do either.

Next on my *rant*, You’re burdened with the laborious task of matching reference numbers on the exhibits to a sea of text, cleverly folded ≈A2 sized sheet of information. Not unusual, but there were no reference pictures for matching works and the information did go on a bit.

Did I mention that you weren’t allowed to sketch at this exhibition? Ok, I understand that no photography was allowed as people always forget to turn off their camera’s flashes but seriously, no sketching in an art museum in an art exhibition… V&A you get no ratings for that weak behaviour. *rant*

Besides those issues, that are defiantly related to my course, the exhibits were amaze and this collection only built on from what I saw and learnt about Yamamoto from the 30 years of Japanese fashion at the Barbican that I saw in October. I know I missed a lot of the other pieces that are related to the exhibition that are placed around the museum in areas that are said to enhance the pieces.

Next major stop on the self rejuvenation tour was the Signal Gallery on Paul Street, now a lot closer to Liverpool Street station than Old Street station as I found when my Nokia maps program took me to where the old gallery was. Not cool. Anyhoo, I arrived there and was able to view the Favela exhibition currently occupying the gallery space.

The exhibition was what I would call ‘real art’. It not only presents the issues of a situation that the artist, Jonathan Darby, felt very strongly about but does so by playing intensely on emotion. Unlike a lot of exhibitions I have been to that have presented similar issues this one works. The work has dictated how the space should be and not the gallery space.

This is second solo exhibition of Jonathan Darby’s work continuing one from his first and earlier works. It presents the children of the slums in Brazil. A lot of us know of the social problems that face these communities, Drugs, poverty, violence, abandonment by authorities due to these problems.

All the work is mixed media painted on distressed backings and materials. In creating his work, he builds up of layers that create a real depth.The work includes bars and containers over some of the works, which makes you think of entrapment, no escape.

It becomes more surreal as he has recreated areas of the slums in small pockets of the gallery in which you can feel the like there is no escape. Being from South America it was super surreal and reminded me of parts of town where we stayed when I was younger, so weird.

The proceeds from the works that are sold are donated kolibri, children at risk foundation. Highly recommended.

The exhibition was exceptional and was uber amaze for the recharge. Also I’ve been taking a lot more photos lately and its been so great. I feel like these breaks are needed more often, I feel like I need to do more arty things again, so yeah. I’ll post links to the photos when they’re ready I guess.


Images: Independant Website

Video: Signal gallery, release


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