Organic concepts

Made from an unknown material composites, grown in a lab. This is one of the most organic forms for a car design that I’ve seen. It is like a seed or a fruit that has budded off a plant. It reminds me of the organically grown robots skeletons in the anime Eureka Seven.

The idea that a car shell could be grown is pretty awesome. And would love to see this in the real world, as soon as they’ve developed the materials that is.

World’s first biodegradable car, built from bamboo, rattan, steel, and nylon. Its called the Phoenix and was created by product designers Kenneth Cobonpue and Albrecht Birkner. The shell, skin, is completely replaceable and expected to last between 5-10 years, the skeleton is to be customised according to users preferences.

I think it’s uber slick and could work in smaller towns and warm places, not to sure why but it kinda screams beach car to me.

sources: Phoenix roadster, Mercez seedling


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