Boom Boom Boom

Has honestly been to long since I last posted something, I’ve been craving to write but then again, what about and then I ended up on that long repeatitive loop of wanting to do it and not.

Anyways, ignore the word vomit above. It’s all been a bit hectic for the last few weeks, between applying for placements, trying not to mess up my portfolio submission, revising for the theory test, which was passed on tuesday, and Orange Rockcorps having me run about London like a loon but yeah not going to complain, its been a good few hectic weeks.

Let’s see, I managed to get an “internship” with Orange Rockcorps as an event photographer which has been pretty amazing so far. I’ve met so many different and cool people from all over London. Honestly, only with volunteering will you meet such a diverse and dynamic group of people. The crews and teams I’ve worked with so far have been awesome and beyond. They all have so much energy, kinda makes me feel like I need a major caffeine injection before each 4hours. But yeah, the energy of it all is just great. This years t-shirts are pretty slick as well. Obviously I have both, though another new crew one is needed.

It’s been pretty enjoyable minus the hours of travelling, especially to south London, which I’m still convinced is a completely different country to actual London, well, should I say North London, but it definitely requires some exploration. It’s so fascinating.

On with the rolling updates, I’ve finished university for the year, WHOOPPIII!!!! and now its onto finding a placement for the 2nd part of my second year. Honestly, I’m so not confident, lack of the actual word I’m looking for, when it comes to applying for most things. I guess I just lack confidence in these things, but then again I did manage to get this internship with Orange Rockcorps so I should have some confidence in my abilities. But yeah, the placement, I was so looking forward to trying to applying to some companies in Japan but unfortunately I won’t be able to due to the effects of the massive earthquake that hit during March. Though now reading this in my head sounds very selfish.

Hmmm feels very unfinished yet, busy times I guess. Ciao x


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