Work it gurl!

A few days ago, I was completely confuzzled by the appearance of the 10 second or so advert that appeared twice in the hour of television that was observed stating that there was something new being released by Dior.

A warm, goldenly lit rather decorative, classical, maybe even Baroque-esque, interior which staged a catwalk between the rows of the waiting crowd. The words “Premiere at 9.15” or something similar was placed across the backdrop.

All i can say when i finally saw the actual advert the next day i was stunned.

I was very much a fan of the first advert starring Charlize Theron, this tall, curvy, blonde goddess unveil (if the right word) her gorgeous shape to us(similar to the bottle of the scent), whilst affirming that all she needs it her J’adore Dior scent. In this new advert its an unveiling to the world of the same passion and energy.


Here’s the first advert.



4 thoughts on “Work it gurl!”

    1. Idk what to say. Maybe she does but its kind of her overall energy that i like. What didn’t you like about it? I know i don’t like when they ‘J’adore Dior’ and the unrealistic representation of Marilyn Monroe. And the fact it only tells me of the bottle shape and actually has nothing to do with the scent itself.

  1. I just think it is pointless. So she walks in and starts taking off her clothes and taking off her jewellery. what? And at the end, they still use sex to sell it cos she gets naked.

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