Liberty Loves Hello Kitty, I love them both.

Liberty email

As the title suggests, Liberty Loves Hello Kitty and I love them both. Pretty self-explanatory, I’ve always been a fan of Liberty originally drawn to the interior then, slowly opening my eyes to the stock they have.

Liberty is one of those shops where one can find those elusive and exclusive items as well as the not so elusive necessities, if your that way inclined to shop designer for absolutely everything. Don’t get me wrong if i could afford to, I probably would get a few bits and bobs from there, but this current student status doesn’t really allow for splurging on these kinds of items on a regular basis.

I digress, Hello Kitty fabric at Liberty. ちょっと おいしい!(So yummy!)

hello kitty patterns

So its £21/meter. Just means i have to be very creative and careful with the one fabric I’m going to get. I see a new laptop case and blazer in the works.

Only problem is there’s like 8 to choose from and I’ve already fallen in lust with at least 4 of the designs, though I’m leaning more and more towards music and blue apple ones. Guess I’ll just have to wait till 26th September to go into store and get it. Though it is available for pre-order now!


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