New Year, New Approach

Ciao bella blog.

It feels like its been an age since I was last here. Hello reader, how are you?

So this year I feel like turning over a completely new leaf, coming at life with this new aggression, vigour, determination, whatever one calls this deep burning passion to strive for the best. Last year I felt that i kinda coasted a little, didn’t quite give everything I had to offer.

Did you catch the London New Year fireworks?

How amazingly spectacular? I was overly surprised at how London city had managed to put on this grand and extravagent firework display. Granted many other countries probably have ushered in and out new years and other events with even grander displays but for this was where my city actually pulled something amazing off and i was i in awe at the beauty of the result.

It was this that got me thinking that it is time to start giving things I apply myself to my all and not just do what’s required just to get by. Its like what many people say,”Do what you love, and do it well”, so ive decided that from 2012 onwards to do just that, and i hope i can inspire others to do the same.

I believe that this year is going to be big because, well, for the first time in a long time, i have the belief in myself that i can make it big. I’ve already started entering photography competetions ansd with a little hope my mentor will have a bit more time to mentor me this year. I also plan to pick up the violin again and start teaching it too. And I guess its the last year I’m going to allow myself to have this single status…

2012, be good to me, and I’ll sure make the most outta you.


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