Thought #7

‘…Its all about who you know, not what you know...’

Is it really though? Like, this ideal keeps looming its head the more and more I think about what I’m going to do next year.

As you may or may not know, tis my final year of studying at university and I feel less than ready to go out into the world and industry to which I’m supposedly trained in. This is not to say that I’m terrified of leaving the halls of Academia, quite the opposite, its time to embrace the real world, the world that exists outside of those hallowed halls and venture into the known of unknown to see if sink or swim. But this idea, ideal, of the way the world outside of hallowed Academia still puzzles me.

We’ve been taught for 16-18 years of our lives that getting good grades in our subjects and showing a little interest in hobbies is enough to get us by, but surely this doesn’t seem to hold itself true when put into the known unknown of the real world. There are so many more variables than we anticipate.

Example; since the age of 16 I’ve been handing out my cv in the hopes of getting a part-time job in a sneaker store, clothes store, etc with no luck, however I’ve been making my way earning experience doing things I didn’t think I’d be doing at that age, music teacher, office admin, only recently have I managed to gain that oh so elusive and sort after retail experience.

Not one of the positions or places where I’ve gained experience can I say ‘yes, I solely got that on my own.’ not that I’m complaining or ungrateful, the opportunities and experiences I have, have really introduced me to how broad and interconnected the world, especially mine, really is.

Maybe I’ve been looking at it from to shallow a perspective. Maybe, it has more to do with the relationship we have with other people, how they’re formed, built and maintained and how maybe that relationship will lead onto forming more relationships until one is in a network constantly buzzing.


Rambling thoughts…


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