The Internship Experience

This week was such a snap, crackle’n’pop ofwork, internship and work. (i haven’t even paid any attention to anything university related. BLESSING!It has to be one of the most amazing experiences, work experiences I’ve done. Though i have come out the other side not wanting to see another spread sheet for a very long time.

View from my desk

As you can probably guess I did my work experience at a magazine, House and Garden. I was in advertising, and learnt so much about how it works, the running and maintenance of keeping clients, gaining new ones and the especially the costs involved. It was actually staggering to think that advertising dealt with the majority of a magazines income, and how much a half page could potentially cost to run your ad in the mag.

Invitation to hotels by design

Although I wasn’t exactly a part of doing that, I was put in charge of RSVPs and maintaining the guest list to the House and Garden’s Hotels by Design event. (supplement is out now with the current May issue) That supplement, houses some truly stunning work and I know that the event is going to be a mad blow out.

Like most of us who let life get in the way of something instead of dealing with a simple yes or no to attending an event, most of the guest had not responded. I don’t think I’ve ever been on the phone so much in one week.

Dream to have time to read

The office I worked in was stunningly contemporary, and beautifully decorated. Behind my temporary workstation for the week was a store of magazines that I could only dream to have time to read through them all.

Ranging from House and Garden to Wallpaper, to Homes and Gardens, Imagine, a shelf of floor to ceiling just packed out with magazines. . .

I was also given a chance to do some magazine layout (not for an actual issue) and this was pretty eye-opening too. There’s me thinking I can use as much space and layout the editorial, only to be told by both the art director and photo editor that in H&G you would rarely get so much but it was a good start.

CiaranCLayout ignore the white pages, I was stumped on just trying to make a narrative with no brief. But it was a good opportunity to use InDesign… HA!

Its been such a great break from the bubble world that is university, though it was more of a shift from university bubble to intern bubble though it was a more enjoyable bubble. I just hope that i can go back in the summer and do some more experience for a longer time, like at least two weeks or so.

I’m so grateful and thankful for that experience and would like the thank the H&G advertising team for having me, especially to Laura. (THANK YOU) and thank you for the leaving bag too.

I especially love my books.

Also within the week I got to have lunch with a very special person, a Ms Nina. It was great getting to see her and have a bit of a catch up. (thank you for the easter egg, I will be enjoyed today). and I do hope that you are enjoying that amazing promotion. Look forward to reading some of your work.

On another note, have you ever noticed that with work experiences you seem to get longer breaks than you do when you’re at actual work?? Any ways my lunch breaks gave me the chance to walk around and just admire working in central west London. I saw these customised boots and had to snap them, then the guy who was wearing them, who gave a very odd expression as the shutter went, but its all love of style.

Also these wicked studded heels.

Haha central is so playful. I’m going to miss it, but I will be back there soon.


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