Check that iPhone

So after jumping from the seemingly sinking ship that is the current state of RIM and its Blackberrys, I finally plucked up dosh and got an iPhone.

Now, the iPhone 4 is an amazingly designed bit of kit, much like the rest of Apple’s cohort of products, but it feels a bit soulless, a bit cold. I’ve lived in the Apple eco system for a little while now, so I’m no stranger to ‘its Apple’s way or no way at all’ which I haven’t minded as it has always offered the goods, in addition to the aesthetically pleasing design and form factor. But even with the abundance of cases, bumpers, coloured accerosries, one still feels that lack of ownership, like the device belongs to you, becomes an extension of your person, personality, feelings. I’m not sure, but I’m finding this hard to communicate. It becomes increasingly difficult when it has become such a popular phone, and you’re constantly reminded that you are apart of the homogenous horde that have found a device that covers all of you’re needs.

**CUE, Sled.** Image

(And indeed they do.)

These backs are hand crafted, made of either leather or wood and are absolutely stunning.

I came across this iPhone back producer whilst doing the blog rounds and instantly feel in love, I’m a sucker for hand crafted items. They seem to add a warmth, an identity to your phone.  (They’re said to look better with age, I’m guessing they mean continual use and wear.) For me its all about personal touches.

They are based in Boston & New York, and I’m overly tempted to order have placed an order of the walnut back. I’m not one to spend on accessories, especially for a device I will probably replace in a years time but I am very tempted, and it seems like a perfectly discrete way of giving your iPhone that personal touch.



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