A Moment

Been a hot min but I’m back. Sorry for my abrupt departure, with very little traces of what happened or where I’d buggered off too. I’ve basically just completed my degree, mad rush for printing for the final pin and then again for the overly-hyped yet very much-anticipated Degree Show on Brick Lane. Definitely a surreal experience walking around the exhibition space knowing that somewhere amongst the graphical artists, illustrators, fine artists, fashionistsa/os, photographers, jewellers, and other arts crafts men and women that my work was hanging up and was on display for everyone to see.

I’d like to congratulate my class. We made it, after 3 (4 for some of us) long but enjoyable years. But now I find we’re in that strange and very awkward period where we’re not technically graduates though we are we just don’t own the papers/documentations, but it’s also that awkward-strange-scary moment were we begin to set off in our own very different directions where things change ALOT! However, I’d like to wish everyone the best of luck for the future.

Remember:  There is a time for work and a time for love. That leaves no other time.  – Mme Chanel

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Gallery of some of the works I liked.


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