Christian Dior Couture F/W 2012

Raf Simon’s first collection for the Dior fashion house. Needless to say he had a lot to live up to, especially having to follow-up after none other than the very talented and dedicated beyond obsession, John Galliano. A man who just seemed to embody and channel Christian Dior’s spirit in every collection he did for the house.


Mr Simon’s went back to basics with this collectIon. It embodied many features and characteristics that we all immediately envision when the words “Dior Couture” are uttered yet he has made it his own through a lot of the tailoring and way the piece’s are formed.


The collection was spectacular and it is good to know the future of one of the most famous houses is finally secure, unlike in earlier discussion with my sister that the house should have either have ended or bring in someone who’s style would not be beneficial to the house by either way or enhancing or preserving the beautiful vision that man had for women’s fashion. I’m probably being a hopeless romantic who can’t get over the beautiful architecture that he envisioned.


I’m guessing I’ve just written yet another positive review of this first collection for a designer at a new house.



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