Goedemorgen Rotterdam

**(I began writing this post whilst there, then realised that travel office could resolve certain files, plus lack of consistent internet, and blah blah blah, skip to rest of post ;3)**

We stayed in one of my favourite hotels, the NH Atlanta, great Art Deco architecture and interiors (much like the rest of Rotterdam). Filled with little fun quirks, part of the reason why I enjoy it there so much.

Left to Right: Breakfast inspiration, Lift Quotes, Weather Report

Carnival kicked of with battle of the drums and the rest is history (in the photos).

This year’s carnival tops last years one, though i don’t think this years images do (last years images have yet to touch Photoshop). I blame the photographer in this case. The camera’s too perfect to make any bad images. Though the experience is still all there, though I missed all the food photo opportunities, to busy stuffing my face.

And yet another year has passed where I have missed the opportunity to go to the Architecture Museum. One Year… However, just roaming around the city getting the chance to look at the buildings that weren’t in their final forms last year. The final products are just so much more beautiful, than the renders showed (so much better than anything produced here in London).

However a quick trip to Amsterdam for a few hour kinda (I’m still really annoyed) made up for this.

I don’t know. I guess I’ll be back next year :3


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