A letter from the editor

Dear thisYellowBoy.com,

I feel as though I’ve been neglecting this diary far to much as of late. However I have not a decent enough reason to excuse myself for the lack of love I’ve been exhibiting towards you.

It’s difficult; as I think back and reflect on the last few months and weeks since graduation, Life seems to be in the weird place where time passes, but its then it feels like I’m still in that same place where graduation left me. This suspended state of limbo.

So I pause and think, what do I want to do next?

The cloak of education has been lifted and I am free to go out and define myself, define what im about, what my intentions and dreams are, out there in the wider world. And the thought is electrifying. It’s now all are ‘graf'(as they say), it’d be a lie to say that the idea of the cloak being removed doesn’t scare me but what it’s done is given this be vigour and fight. A new flame has been lit and they feel amazing, so as the new year (I’m still on the educational/fashion timetable) has been ushered in (mostly by the fact that FNO was last night) I feel as though I’m ready to take on the world (piece by piece, don’t quite have the stamina to take on the whole thing just yet).

Let’s make it happen ok? Let’s document this together.





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