The September Issues

Condé Nast News Agent 2012
Condé Nast Worldwide Newsagent; Quite possibly one of the best places to get any Condé Nast Publication

As we usher in yet another fashion new year, we also begin to see the arrival of the September, in some cases October, issues of some of the better known fashion magazines. Without realising (just me) Many of us receive and consume the new guide for the for the first part of the fashion year, either through renewed subscription, news stand and a little more recently, through digital media outlets such as Zinio, Newsstand, etc.

Some covers

Within minutes, hours (days, weeks for a few people I know) that follow, we consume the nectar that give us the essential sustenance for any fashionista/ fashionisto to begin to revitalise/ refresh their spirit for the up and coming year, as well as spark up ye old burning flame, involving countless hours and many pages of notes, of how they photographed the new collections, editorials, etc for myself. This has to be the best part of the year for anyone interested in fashion, design and photography, though it is an ever going discovery for those of us fixated with it.

a few fav. covers

I have to say, at the moment both Paris and Australian are my top favourites for clean layouts and amazing editorials. To get magazines and updates hit up the store.


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