Thought #45

Design meets Fashion, well met, and quite literally, there’s a slight over lap of the two events, Fashion Week/end and The Design Festival, within London and both seem to occur towards the latter part of September. I always see this as like the beginning of the new year for both design and fashion as in my last post. It’s a chance to see what both British designers have been up too and where they see they’re new products and designs enriching our life’s over the coming few months (years in the case of me and that shelf).

It always feels like one has to choose between the two, as though fashion and design are these competing for the same thing but in different ways. Like a mother and father, both wanting their child to say they’re first word but telling the child to either say ‘mama’ or ‘daddy’, it’s so crazy how much both weeks pack so much creativity, showmanship and energy into such a short amount of time, but it’s also so very captivating and inspiring.

I missed quite a fair bit of fashion week. The style blogs were incredible, so much going, so many great details that made so many unique and distinctive looks. Getting to follow the entire months worth of catwalk’s over October is going to be pretty sweet. I hope that there are some great catwalk sets again. *cough* sneaky peak at Chanel *cough*

Stand at Design Junction; ‘Nakai’ wallpaper by Pierre Frey; Couple of twig stools by Pinch Design.

I did however get the chance to help out on The World of Interiors stand at Design Junction, just one of the many exhibitions open during the Design festival period. Design festivals are just such fun, you get to meet a variety of people with a mutual interests but widely different backgrounds. It’s great that these events and exhibitions are open to the general public.

The artek cafe and fantastic hanging lights

This cafe greeted you with such a warm and inviting scent of well prepared lunch and great coffee.

Giant Tyre Gorilla; Watches by Dezeen; Uber cool telephone adaptors for your phone

Nokia Lumia stand showing off the latest W8Phones from Nokia before release. The great thing about these design is that its manufactured from a single block of plastic but retains the great feel and quality from devices, such as the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900 that they replace. Shown here with all the great accessories, such as the wireless charging cases and mats and NFC (near field communication) speakers and headphones, if only I didn’t have an iPhone already.

It was such a great exhibition, looking forwards to trying to do a lot more of the festival next year.


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