October Blooms

Like all things, especially the good ones, they come to an end and we move onto the next, using the experience taught to us to reflect and grow. It’s been raining a lot, with the change in the weather I’ve noticed a change in myself, or maybe it’s circumstances that have change, or maybe the former thing, (I’ll work it out). But where one thing ends, another opportunity is waiting to be grabbed, if you’re willing to take the ride.

The past month has been absolutely fantastic; with two internships at different publications, the opportunity to go on a shoot with one of them and getting to watch how things work on a shoot has to be one of the many highlights of my month. Watching how a professional photographer works and the amount of time, emails, effort and work that goes into the preparation and delivery for ultimately is a few pictures across a spread in a magazine. It was magical watching these form, which you can see in an upcoming issue.

Pre-shoot set up; Prep for a shot

I’m not even sure where my summer and September went but October seems to be the month for organising ones self and seizing opportunities. I wonder what the next few weeks hold.


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