Un Billet

A ticket, a piece of paper imprinted with a unique alpha-numerical sequence of digits containing an ample amount of information detailing the journey about to be embarked upon. This sequence of digits affords one to gaining all sorts of experiences, from the mundane commute to and from work to travelling half way around the world to immerse oneself in an entirely different culture for a week or so. Fortunately, for me, my ticket with its unique alpha-numerical sequences permitted me to a weekend break.

Paris. (Destination coded)

Ah Paris. I think I just found a new love. I’m not quite sure what it was about this city, with its filthy metro system and overly rude people however these are some of the little quirks that made me love it more.

I finally got my trip to Paris, This was my first time, it definitely won’t be my last. A lot of comparisons could and were made between London and Paris, a la my cousin, both have their rude, miserable looking people, but both have very distinctive vibes. Paris has this amazingly uniform architecture, white stone buildings, beautifully tiled roofs whilst London has the really stunning mix’n’match of the different architectural styles over the course of its history as a city.


My prior knowledge of Paris was based on much of what we were taught about The City at school through those gosh awful text books. To see that the Metro ticket system was still in full swing, gave an instant sense of familiarity, as though I’ve done it For much of my life. Also much like trying to find ones way around Paris, thinking that pharmacy was the same one that I passed getting off the Metro at St. Germain in an attempt to find Ladurée on Rue Bonaparte.

I must admit I didn’t take as many pictures as I probably should have that day, whilst on my educational (meandering) derivé however I gained a better understanding of how part of the city seems to work (also how easily one can get lost) but I shall be back again to discover understand more about this fascinatingly picturesque city.


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