Le tir photographique

night bridge


(Dramatic pause…[Lol])

I’ve plunged into the world of analogue photography.  Not only did I find a bargain but also an amazing companion to accompany me on this adventure. The plunge made even deeper by starting with the medium referred to as ‘medium’ in this collective. Oh yes, the film-virgins first film camera is a medium format monster, hell-bent on only giving me 15 opportunities (on each roll) to prove my ‘creative eye’ through the it’s insanely hefty and monstrously large light gathering operation.

Medium monster

I’ve learnt so much from the past two weeks and am still learning how my new friend absorbs information so differently yet so similarly to my other cameras. Reading light seems to be the next challenge, but I’m rather enjoying it.

Hope I get better from these first attempts, as put so eloquently but H.C-Bresson, ‘le tir photographique est un de mes carnets de croquis.’ It definetly has become mine.


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