Thought #27

I do miss the combination of the soulful siren that is the phenomenal Billie Holiday and the quirky charm of Audrey Tau, the introduction of a male role, Brad Pitt, into the brands female fragrance advert has been grabbing a lot of attention. It’s definitely a welcomed change to the normally gender-based promotion of a fragrance, especially when it comes to such a signature scent, Chanel No. 5.

With its new leading male role, the ad gives us that male perspective of what a scent does, not only from a mans point of view but in a more general sense, making it somewhat easier to relate to (especially with the gift giving season fast approaching). Essentially summed up in the penultimate line “Wherever I go, there you are.” This rings so true, there are so many fragrances/scents that I associate with so many people, and they’re personalities, Chanel no.5 and my mother (though she doesn’t wear it often).

It is another way of styling oneself with something unique or bespoke that becomes apart of your style, making the presentation of yourself not only visual but an aromatic experience. A defining scent, for me at least, is something everyone MUST have about them, be it a natural, in a body creme or perfume. Scent is so intrinsically linked to personal style, it goes beyond any trend, or fashion. This is probably why it’s one of the harder, if not hardest, things to find to accent personal style.


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