And then there was February

As 2013 continues to vigorously advance, and I desperately attempt to play catch-up and fill in with my life. I’ve come to realise that all these online presences that have been created over the past two or so years, though all equally having they’re places (facebook excluded), there is inherent disconnection between them all, although all representing myself, they seem to have a disjointed and inconsistent image of me. (Mostly caused by my lack of attention to the little details)

So I have been scurrying around the never-reaches of the cyber-verse and social sphere in an attempt to rectify these, if you will. (This blog is desperately in need of a lick of paint, as we say) As with all great things, they come to those that wait, plan and are patient. However for those that cannot wait, I finally got on the tumblr choo choo train. I feel that space, with its infinite wealth of inspirational images and ability to log them with ease is super beneficial as visual log.

Anyways all I can say for now is to watch this space, 2013, things are a brewing and are definitely beginning to come to the boil.


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