Sombre Season

The sombre tones. The darker palette of the prints. The shapes.

I think I just fell in love with Mary’s AW collection. Admittedly, it is a departure from her usually bright, colourful digital prints but it is a much welcomed change, experimenting with darker palette .


The mood of the collection is carried within the tonal mixture of solemn streets and lonely landscapes, minimal yet strangely captivating is the way the images are blended together and form one. She plays very much on the darker nature /element  of autumn winter, the calm and the stillness of the images chosen. All this is then highlighted with accents of colour and contrasted to the shimmer of metallic fabric.


She has yet to fail to impress with her structural elements that the clothes embody. The freestanding forms composed of the rigid patterns and way she utilises the materials to fall so elegantly into position. This is perhaps one of the things I highly admire about this designer and why every season I anxiously await to see where she is placed in the timetable.


(Images from


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