Meeting the Designer

A series of talks scheduled by Apple, hosted in their larger and/or flagship stores, today was with fashion designer and experimenter, Hussein Chalayan. I have always had a great admiration of his work ever since his exhibition at the Design Museum, where I was exposed to an experimentation and playfulness that has inspired me since, especially in the way materials can interact with each other, having such unique outcomes.

Hussein ownMany topics of conversation were thrown across the temporary theatre set-up, such as the technical vs the craft, in digital vs traditional design methods. I think his opinion of striking the balances of always experimenting and testing, always trying to produce new ways of doing is one of the greatest ideals that pushing the envelope of design and technology.

I also very much also agree with his view that a lot of graduates attempt to produce work of established designers, yet they lack a lot of experimentation. Granted we all need to have realistic ideals of what the real world hold after the educational bubble bursts, but there is a lot of same-y collections amongst recent graduates.

Anyways, hopefully Apple will post it on their podcast channel at some point.


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