Goldfinger Factory Pre-Launch

I had the pleasure of being invited to the Goldfinger Factory prelaunch. In a nut shell, the project is about the up-cycling and preservation of furniture, something very relevant in design with a lot of effort being focused on promoting sustainability within the industry, but also something that is very community oriented. Aside from the benefits to the greater good of the future, it’s a lot of fun and is very stimulating giving these pieces renewed life and placing them in new homes. 

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It is a very community oriented project, and has found itself a very cozy and nurturing spot within the Trellick tower estate and amongst its residents. It’s great that they’ve also nodded back at the estates history, naming the factory (the project) after the estate’s architect, Ernõ Goldfinger.


Oliver (known to us in the project as Ollie) is the ring leader in the operation, making sure things run smoothly, keeping his sponsors and supporters happy. In speaking with Ollie there’s so much he hopes to achieve within doing this project, which I wholeheartedly support. There are definitely a lot of benefits to be taken advantage of, especially for those within the community and those just interested. Through Ollie’s enthusiasm, passion and all guided with his very rigorous and colourful road map for the project, its taken off with an amazing start.

The project is made up of a few key components. A workshop, where the furniture is brought in and revitalised and has new life breathed into it by the super dedicated team. A store, where these rejuvenated pieces are proudly displayed and sold. It’s really great to see furniture of all times, styles and periods that collectively form a cohesive stock that gives this store a very unique and distinct look. All furniture is donated to the project.

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There is then Redemption Bar. A very unique and tasty way to take a break from the chill outside or break from helping out. Serving flavoursome, good hearty vegan dishes that all can enjoy. I was introduced to the chef, Jackie, who makes a mean vegetable curry and rice and peas. They also serve some of the best and unique non-alcoholic drinks I’ve ever tried.

It’s a great project, and I’d really say join in and have a go. There are also classes being run for those interested in creating something new through up-cycling. I’d like to thank Ollie and the team for having me and I will be getting stuck in. Definitely check out their Facebook and Twitter for upcoming or more information.

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