Polaroid in Paris



Earlier in June, I managed to sneak away to Paris with a couple of friends for a few days. I’ve been to Paris before but still feel like I’ve yet to experience it beyond it’s chic and rose-tinted glasses view I seem to have. I was very fortunate to snap up a Polaroid camera, 180 Land camera, from eBay in what I would describe as perfect condition in time for my trip (literally, it arrived at work the friday I was leaving).

Now, land cameras , the 100s series anyway, are big, bulky yet elegant and timeless in terms of design. It was quite a cumbersome process to learn, though being in a cast at the time of travel may not have aided the learning curve. My art director and picture editor assured me that it’s a great tool (toy) found in most art department prior to digital and all that.

I fell in love. The process, the prints, the negatives. I almost ritual like open of the camera itself (again cumbersome with or without a cast), pulling of the film out and apart. Now I’ve been told that i should print work more often but I do believe that this is the way I wish to do it (fund and film availability permitting). But this is the city through my lens this time. I hope next time to explore a lot more and take much more film with me.

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These are like the first proper one. Gauging my focal length, learning what can be done as far as taking simple snapshots with the camera.

The day of Versailles, a beautiful palace. The Mirror Room being just incredible. My favourite being the photo that cut in half exactly. To this day no-one can explain to me or me to them what happened and why it is perfectly cut down the middle.

We met this traveller along the right bank not to far from Notre Dame. I noticed her earlier that day and was kind of kicking myself for not taking a snap of her then. Luckier, our paths crossed after picking up sweaty man kebab. Ali (that’s her name) was engaged in conversation with a lecturer, prior to that she was head down into her book.

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Just overall it was just another way to record and experience this short break. Can’t wait to return again. For now, Paris, Ciao.


The scene at the apartment every night…


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