Thought #22

Sarah Moon is a master of photography, or so is titled the video. I’m absolutely blown away by the (little) work of hers that I have come across. Most of it (what I’ve found anyway) is shot on polaroid, not the integrated shit, but actual peel apart which gives you a positive and a negative. I think I have come to love this the best out of all the photographic mediums I’ve used.

Sarah Moon, this beautiful French fashion photographer of the 70’s. As Sarah narrates over the flow of her images displayed, I can’t help but notice the poetic way in which she’s explains the process of what and how she feels as she took her photographs, and the motions she goes through but how these same motions and feelings are what I feel, and no doubt, anyone in a visually creative field feels when recording any subject matter and then expressing it back as a visual piece. The fear, the angst, the pleasure, the eureka moment when everything falls into place, conveying the story you see in the moment. It’s also very interesting how, visually you can see these motions and emotions through the work as they navigate across the screen.

I’ve recently meet two style bloggers and shot for both of them, one very experienced and knows the style and herself very well. Working with the Bubbly Speckle has been great, the images I think are getting better with each and every shoot we’ve done, I definitely hope to continue to get better.

The other very new to but very determined and knows in her mind’s eye what she’s wants, but doesn’t quite know what she wishes to achieve with this new outlet. I very much wish her all the best and it has been a blast to work with both of them. In doing this, its allowing me to shoot. Something I’ve been longing to do for a long while, and whilst it’s still not entirely for myself, as there’s no monetary exchanges, its been a great outlet in letting me explore visual styles that I’ve wanted to try but not had a subject for.

But perhaps in shooting for them I’ve kind of unlocked something within. I can indeed relate to the feelings in the video as, although these are all digitally shot, the creative process is no less immediate or made easy.


One thought on “Thought #22”

  1. It was really insightful to see the thought process from the perspective of the photographer. It’s been great to work with you and I hope to work with you again in the near future !

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