A week of fashion

Water detail on heel at Marianna Jungmann Show

Being art director has its perks. Not only seeing shows, but actually being able to sit front row at a few was such an experience in its self. I’ve heard that stupid saying, y’know the one about you being a nobody (industry importance) if you aren’t in the front two rows, I think I kind of understand the meaning behind it, well my meaning. Hear me out, if you aren’t within those two rows, you are practically watching the show through someone else’s iPad/tablet/phone screen, you gain the perks of the atmosphere there but not actually being able to watch the show for the reason you came (I came), the performance and the clothes. It’s a bit of a bullet to bite when you’ve travelled a way to see a show to then be confronted by several hundred screens all attempting this visual display. It’s as though you may as well have sat at home and streamed it, at least you’re guaranteed to see the clothes. I also learnt that to enjoy the show one must also take a break from capturing it and just visually gorge.

The shows are perhaps the best way to see how the garments moves, alters (or not) the form of (and on) the body, how the materials catch the light, how the little styling details help to complete the mood or story that the designer is trying tell. It was incredible to attend my first show, styled non other than by the most talented Magdalena. The details and accessories were just perfect, this water goddess feel. After hearing so much about the preparation and plans, to finally see the end product was just awe-inspiring. I love the details within Marianna’s leather pieces.

I was perhaps then spoilt, as I was able to attend the Sorapol show and again to have sat front row and have my mind blown. I don’t believe I have ever been able to see such detail in garments that close up without watching a Dior couture making on the youtube-machine. Anyway, heres part of the visual feast I was able to enjoy.


One thought on “A week of fashion”

  1. What a beautiful collection !

    I do agree with what you said in regards to not being able to experience the most of the show unless you are sitting in the front two rows. I watched a couple of Chanel and Dior runway shows recently. I was only able to appreciate the couture and ready-wear details when I saw the garments up close in some of their behind-the-scenes and preparation videos.

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