in a peaceful place

Never underestimate the need for some time with nature and your thoughts. Being a child of the city, there’s no other place quite as perfect as the Barbican conservatory, for spending some quality time and just being at ease within the monumental brutalist complex.

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A day around tah Spa

DSC_3194Wow. Bath, is such a picturesque town, (City? Does it have a cathedral?) bathed in history and great architectural uniformity, with rows of perfectly carved, decorative and carved masonry buildings, of the bath stone varieties. Lots of classical features accented perfectly with ornamentations.

A few weeks back we went on a day trip to witness some of the sights and sounds. Did I say how picturesque it was? The day was gorgeous and perfect, not to hot not to cold, just sun and a hint of a cool breeze.

We didn’t venture to far from the actual centre, bath spa station, but with only 5 hours it was quite difficult to. We did manage to find a great selection of stores within the first 5 mins. Shop or store 71 was my favourite hosting a lot of street and urban inspired wears. There was an amazing leather bomber jacket in black calling me to return after pay-day.


Please someone buy me a cottage or house here. Currently working through September, I know it’s the end of October but c’est moi.

Goedemorgen Rotterdam

**(I began writing this post whilst there, then realised that travel office could resolve certain files, plus lack of consistent internet, and blah blah blah, skip to rest of post ;3)**

We stayed in one of my favourite hotels, the NH Atlanta, great Art Deco architecture and interiors (much like the rest of Rotterdam). Filled with little fun quirks, part of the reason why I enjoy it there so much.

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Carnival kicked of with battle of the drums and the rest is history (in the photos).

This year’s carnival tops last years one, though i don’t think this years images do (last years images have yet to touch Photoshop). I blame the photographer in this case. The camera’s too perfect to make any bad images. Though the experience is still all there, though I missed all the food photo opportunities, to busy stuffing my face.

And yet another year has passed where I have missed the opportunity to go to the Architecture Museum. One Year… However, just roaming around the city getting the chance to look at the buildings that weren’t in their final forms last year. The final products are just so much more beautiful, than the renders showed (so much better than anything produced here in London).

However a quick trip to Amsterdam for a few hour kinda (I’m still really annoyed) made up for this.

I don’t know. I guess I’ll be back next year :3

Christian Dior Couture F/W 2012

Raf Simon’s first collection for the Dior fashion house. Needless to say he had a lot to live up to, especially having to follow-up after none other than the very talented and dedicated beyond obsession, John Galliano. A man who just seemed to embody and channel Christian Dior’s spirit in every collection he did for the house.


Mr Simon’s went back to basics with this collectIon. It embodied many features and characteristics that we all immediately envision when the words “Dior Couture” are uttered yet he has made it his own through a lot of the tailoring and way the piece’s are formed.


The collection was spectacular and it is good to know the future of one of the most famous houses is finally secure, unlike in earlier discussion with my sister that the house should have either have ended or bring in someone who’s style would not be beneficial to the house by either way or enhancing or preserving the beautiful vision that man had for women’s fashion. I’m probably being a hopeless romantic who can’t get over the beautiful architecture that he envisioned.


I’m guessing I’ve just written yet another positive review of this first collection for a designer at a new house.


Serpentine’s Summer Pavilion

Ai Wei Wei and Herzog de Meuron architects have teamed up with the Serpentine Gallery for this year interpretation of pavilion. This year (being the first one I’ve been to not by accident or by trip organised by school) had to be one of the most conceptually challenging yet most impressive and most memorable concepts I’ve come across yet for the pavilion, (bearing in mind I’ve only come across 4 of the 12 pavilions in past years.)


The idea is that the user is taken on a journey under where previous pavilions have been, like actually underground. Taking the user on a journey of the previous pavilions through a reflection of structure and location.

Upon visiting, I felt this grand concept, the gesture, this nod to the past was somewhat lost in translation from the paper to site. The site pays more of a wink to the past pavilions than a reflection of the past, though I did enjoy the idea of walking down under the ground, under the reflection pond housed on the roof current pavilion. This had to be, for me, an amazing point, mirroring last years not-so secret but self reflective garden housed inside of the pavilion.

It’s a little surreal experience, I do encourage taking a visit to the new pavilion on till about late september.

Interiors Do Move

Mary Katrantzou’s S/S 2011 involves interiors that effortlessly glide down the catwalk in what is said to be her first, and surely not her last, London Fashion Week catwalk show.

Her influences obviously stem from architecture, interior design and photography with the digital prints of interiors but she has taken it one step further as to make use of the idea of the relationship between the female and her surrounding interior. The collection has been described as “putting the room on the woman, rather than the woman in the room” which is a very clever way to look at interior decorating, (though I can’t solely agree on the idea that only women do the interior decorating).

I love the pieces in this collection, they’re like final interior designs, placed in an interior’s portfolio  with swatches showing the final finish of material that will be used. The “swatch” piece on Mary’s designs allow for movement that plays with the interior prints and this helps emphasise the flirty-ness and youthfulness of the dress.

The use of colour on the accessories, jewellery, and shoes would  compliment any interior designers ideas of what colours match they’re final interior design. Lots of nice bright summer colours and pastel spring colours.

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