A day around tah Spa

DSC_3194Wow. Bath, is such a picturesque town, (City? Does it have a cathedral?) bathed in history and great architectural uniformity, with rows of perfectly carved, decorative and carved masonry buildings, of the bath stone varieties. Lots of classical features accented perfectly with ornamentations.

A few weeks back we went on a day trip to witness some of the sights and sounds. Did I say how picturesque it was? The day was gorgeous and perfect, not to hot not to cold, just sun and a hint of a cool breeze.

We didn’t venture to far from the actual centre, bath spa station, but with only 5 hours it was quite difficult to. We did manage to find a great selection of stores within the first 5 mins. Shop or store 71 was my favourite hosting a lot of street and urban inspired wears. There was an amazing leather bomber jacket in black calling me to return after pay-day.


Please someone buy me a cottage or house here. Currently working through September, I know it’s the end of October but c’est moi.


Two deposits for the Culture bank please

Monday 23rd June, I was awarded the luxury of some me time and decided to head to the Rude Boy Returns exhibition at Somerset house. Mad excited since my art directed emailed me about it the month prior, I knew I had to go.

The exhibition consisted of 5 rooms and a partial corridor within the south wing. The exhibition shows the evolution of the rude boy style from its roots in Jamaica to today’s arbiters of the style. Rude boy style is this fusion of impeccable tailored pieces and elements of different cultures and fashion genres. It’s about standing out and being true to yourself. That Tom Ford quote “Dressing well is a kind of good manners…” kept springing to mind as I wondered around the exhibition. Hopefully its one you got to see.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the Rude Boys from the exhibition, Seye Adelekan a musician. Dressed very sharply that one could not resist but to take a polaroid too.


Becoming incredible indulgent, I had a peak at the Colour through Form exhibition. Beautifully arranged pieces and fabrics, all very graphical. It was a great way to see fabrics, rugs and textiles presented in this way. Very different from the usual swatch packs found at designer’s stalls. Again, one to catch if you fancy a bit of interior design.

Goldfinger Factory Pre-Launch

I had the pleasure of being invited to the Goldfinger Factory prelaunch. In a nut shell, the project is about the up-cycling and preservation of furniture, something very relevant in design with a lot of effort being focused on promoting sustainability within the industry, but also something that is very community oriented. Aside from the benefits to the greater good of the future, it’s a lot of fun and is very stimulating giving these pieces renewed life and placing them in new homes. 

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It is a very community oriented project, and has found itself a very cozy and nurturing spot within the Trellick tower estate and amongst its residents. It’s great that they’ve also nodded back at the estates history, naming the factory (the project) after the estate’s architect, Ernõ Goldfinger.


Oliver (known to us in the project as Ollie) is the ring leader in the operation, making sure things run smoothly, keeping his sponsors and supporters happy. In speaking with Ollie there’s so much he hopes to achieve within doing this project, which I wholeheartedly support. There are definitely a lot of benefits to be taken advantage of, especially for those within the community and those just interested. Through Ollie’s enthusiasm, passion and all guided with his very rigorous and colourful road map for the project, its taken off with an amazing start.

The project is made up of a few key components. A workshop, where the furniture is brought in and revitalised and has new life breathed into it by the super dedicated team. A store, where these rejuvenated pieces are proudly displayed and sold. It’s really great to see furniture of all times, styles and periods that collectively form a cohesive stock that gives this store a very unique and distinct look. All furniture is donated to the project.

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There is then Redemption Bar. A very unique and tasty way to take a break from the chill outside or break from helping out. Serving flavoursome, good hearty vegan dishes that all can enjoy. I was introduced to the chef, Jackie, who makes a mean vegetable curry and rice and peas. They also serve some of the best and unique non-alcoholic drinks I’ve ever tried.

It’s a great project, and I’d really say join in and have a go. There are also classes being run for those interested in creating something new through up-cycling. I’d like to thank Ollie and the team for having me and I will be getting stuck in. Definitely check out their Facebook and Twitter for upcoming or more information.

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Take my picture

Excuse my absence. I came across this video a few weeks back and wanted to share my thoughts. The short presents the idea of fashion bloggers and photographers and the growth in this in recent years, and how this is viewed by those who work within the industry.

If I’m honest, I’m still under the impression that this will expand exponentially until it horrific implode, with many bloggers and photographers beginning to be band from the venues, access to events, venues and timetables being restricted to those in the need to know, which I hope doesn’t happen as it’s a important thing that people are able to express their interests and share this with others.

I do love the fact that it’s all very open and accessible, and its super easy to know whats happening when and where. But imagine trying to do your job, only to have to force your way through a mass of camera wielding bloggers (meant in the sincerest way) in an attempt get to and from the door to do what you’re paid to do. Theres already enough pressure.

However, it is a guilty pleasure to also see whats happening outside and around the venues, especially the style of those that attending and those with amazing personal style, and also sometimes to note the thoughts of those recording and documenting. (Ultimately what fashion is about, creating styles) However as Mr. Blanks raises, how much of the same material can be recorded and placed into the bloggers sphere? über true; how many sites have you visited that have regurgitated similar information and not added they’re own spin to it? I know that there are many out there that do it and do it well but I know we’ve all sifted through many that don’t, and I’m not saying for them to stop, but maybe for them to take pointers from those that do it well, emulate and evolve their own personal style off what they’ve learnt, maybe even blog collaboration?

Many other points are raised throughout the video, but it was mainly this one that stuck with me. Whats your thoughts on it?

Silent Solitude


A couple of weeks back, a friend and I headed up (west, so, left on a map??) to Richmond park to try out the beauty that is 120 medium format film. He was determined and obsessed with the idea of seeing a few deers, I was more fixated on using my new lightmeter. The park is a vast and surreal expanse of land; broken up by the scattering of mounds, hills with clusters of trees (think ‘Where the Wild Things Are’) sparsely dotted about. There was a main road that flowed with slow-moving traffic throughout.


It had just snowed across much of London, giving the park’s open plain paths a beautifully thin blanket of white. The air was thin and quite chilly, the breeze, blisteringly bitter. We were quite high up, think Hampstead park, or Alexandra Palace, only higher, with the same sense of the incredible view peering through the hills and trees out onto London. There wasn’t much in the way of sound, apart from the odd dog’s bark or rush of wind through the trees.

It became clear that these weren’t ideal conditions for using a solid, 2.5kg, heft of metal and glass, and tripod, especially when you have to change a roll film, adding to previous nags about it being a studio camera (blah, the pussies). However the serene expanse of unbroken earth tones and grey-to-white tones viewed, and recorded was definitely not to be missed. An unusual serenity found within a city’s boarders.

Despite the weather, lack of deers, and multiple pedestrians with bewildered looks and questions, it was very enjoyable. Looking back on the pictures brings on the same feeling of zen from the day, coming out of my comfort zone of the neutral red and yellow brick tones and vast expanses of glass and steel that forms my usual environment.

Goedemorgen Rotterdam

**(I began writing this post whilst there, then realised that travel office could resolve certain files, plus lack of consistent internet, and blah blah blah, skip to rest of post ;3)**

We stayed in one of my favourite hotels, the NH Atlanta, great Art Deco architecture and interiors (much like the rest of Rotterdam). Filled with little fun quirks, part of the reason why I enjoy it there so much.

Left to Right: Breakfast inspiration, Lift Quotes, Weather Report

Carnival kicked of with battle of the drums and the rest is history (in the photos).

This year’s carnival tops last years one, though i don’t think this years images do (last years images have yet to touch Photoshop). I blame the photographer in this case. The camera’s too perfect to make any bad images. Though the experience is still all there, though I missed all the food photo opportunities, to busy stuffing my face.

And yet another year has passed where I have missed the opportunity to go to the Architecture Museum. One Year… However, just roaming around the city getting the chance to look at the buildings that weren’t in their final forms last year. The final products are just so much more beautiful, than the renders showed (so much better than anything produced here in London).

However a quick trip to Amsterdam for a few hour kinda (I’m still really annoyed) made up for this.

I don’t know. I guess I’ll be back next year :3

Lazy Days

I’ve come to appreciate these a lot more as of late. These days where time seems to pass so slow when you’re watching it, yet you turn your back for what seems like a moment and the day in its entirety has come to an end, and you have this feeling of dissatisfaction due to not completing ALL that you set out to do.

Monday was one of those days, well, kind of, I achieved a little more but lacked in other things. Monday was definitely a day of exploration and discovery to say the least.

With crazy bicycle rides from East to West, to S. West back to Central. Visits to both the Design and the Victoria & Albert Museum (two of my favourite public well known and visited museums in London to date) the day was just mad.

The Christian Louboutin exhibition at the design museum was definitely worth both the madness of the queue and the very loud and very unappreciative school teenagers (weren’t we all like that at one point?)  that were allowed to roam throughout the gallery. It was shoe porn!

Major highlight was the holographic video (click for making of video) featuring Dita Von Teese doing some of what she’s does best. Also the overall show man ship of how the exhibition was curated and put together, much like a fun fair-come-circus-come-performance-come-garden space. Honestly if you missed this exhibition it is really unfortunate, much like the no photography rule, which i respected for this artisan of footwear.

A future apartment behind Sloane Square; New exhibition outside V&A Museum

Much of the rest of the day was just left to exploring S.West London. Apologies for the lack of photos, however being a cyclist in London is much like trying to avoid being hit by obstructions much like a child playing in an adventure playground.

New “elephants” darted around London; London Thames welcoming the Olympics

I do wonder how other londoners do spend they’re off days.