Ah, Firenze (Part II)

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Honestly, I’m so in love with this place, so picturesque. It reminds me of a place I once dreamt about only to be awaken by the realisation that I live in grey London (which ain’t all bad). Anyways just a few snaps from the trip.
Ciao bella Firenze. Until the next opportunity for us to meet.


A Moment

Been a hot min but I’m back. Sorry for my abrupt departure, with very little traces of what happened or where I’d buggered off too. I’ve basically just completed my degree, mad rush for printing for the final pin and then again for the overly-hyped yet very much-anticipated Degree Show on Brick Lane. Definitely a surreal experience walking around the exhibition space knowing that somewhere amongst the graphical artists, illustrators, fine artists, fashionistsa/os, photographers, jewellers, and other arts crafts men and women that my work was hanging up and was on display for everyone to see.

I’d like to congratulate my class. We made it, after 3 (4 for some of us) long but enjoyable years. But now I find we’re in that strange and very awkward period where we’re not technically graduates though we are we just don’t own the papers/documentations, but it’s also that awkward-strange-scary moment were we begin to set off in our own very different directions where things change ALOT! However, I’d like to wish everyone the best of luck for the future.

Remember:  There is a time for work and a time for love. That leaves no other time.  – Mme Chanel

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Gallery of some of the works I liked.

The Internship Experience

This week was such a snap, crackle’n’pop ofwork, internship and work. (i haven’t even paid any attention to anything university related. BLESSING!It has to be one of the most amazing experiences, work experiences I’ve done. Though i have come out the other side not wanting to see another spread sheet for a very long time.

View from my desk

As you can probably guess I did my work experience at a magazine, House and Garden. I was in advertising, and learnt so much about how it works, the running and maintenance of keeping clients, gaining new ones and the especially the costs involved. It was actually staggering to think that advertising dealt with the majority of a magazines income, and how much a half page could potentially cost to run your ad in the mag.

Invitation to hotels by design

Although I wasn’t exactly a part of doing that, I was put in charge of RSVPs and maintaining the guest list to the House and Garden’s Hotels by Design event. (supplement is out now with the current May issue) That supplement, houses some truly stunning work and I know that the event is going to be a mad blow out.

Like most of us who let life get in the way of something instead of dealing with a simple yes or no to attending an event, most of the guest had not responded. I don’t think I’ve ever been on the phone so much in one week.

Dream to have time to read

The office I worked in was stunningly contemporary, and beautifully decorated. Behind my temporary workstation for the week was a store of magazines that I could only dream to have time to read through them all.

Ranging from House and Garden to Wallpaper, to Homes and Gardens, Imagine, a shelf of floor to ceiling just packed out with magazines. . .

I was also given a chance to do some magazine layout (not for an actual issue) and this was pretty eye-opening too. There’s me thinking I can use as much space and layout the editorial, only to be told by both the art director and photo editor that in H&G you would rarely get so much but it was a good start.

CiaranCLayout ignore the white pages, I was stumped on just trying to make a narrative with no brief. But it was a good opportunity to use InDesign… HA!

Its been such a great break from the bubble world that is university, though it was more of a shift from university bubble to intern bubble though it was a more enjoyable bubble. I just hope that i can go back in the summer and do some more experience for a longer time, like at least two weeks or so.

I’m so grateful and thankful for that experience and would like the thank the H&G advertising team for having me, especially to Laura. (THANK YOU) and thank you for the leaving bag too.

I especially love my books.

Also within the week I got to have lunch with a very special person, a Ms Nina. It was great getting to see her and have a bit of a catch up. (thank you for the easter egg, I will be enjoyed today). and I do hope that you are enjoying that amazing promotion. Look forward to reading some of your work.

On another note, have you ever noticed that with work experiences you seem to get longer breaks than you do when you’re at actual work?? Any ways my lunch breaks gave me the chance to walk around and just admire working in central west London. I saw these customised boots and had to snap them, then the guy who was wearing them, who gave a very odd expression as the shutter went, but its all love of style.

Also these wicked studded heels.

Haha central is so playful. I’m going to miss it, but I will be back there soon.

Boom Boom Boom

Has honestly been to long since I last posted something, I’ve been craving to write but then again, what about and then I ended up on that long repeatitive loop of wanting to do it and not.

Anyways, ignore the word vomit above. It’s all been a bit hectic for the last few weeks, between applying for placements, trying not to mess up my portfolio submission, revising for the theory test, which was passed on tuesday, and Orange Rockcorps having me run about London like a loon but yeah not going to complain, its been a good few hectic weeks.

Let’s see, I managed to get an “internship” with Orange Rockcorps as an event photographer which has been pretty amazing so far. I’ve met so many different and cool people from all over London. Honestly, only with volunteering will you meet such a diverse and dynamic group of people. The crews and teams I’ve worked with so far have been awesome and beyond. They all have so much energy, kinda makes me feel like I need a major caffeine injection before each 4hours. But yeah, the energy of it all is just great. This years t-shirts are pretty slick as well. Obviously I have both, though another new crew one is needed.

It’s been pretty enjoyable minus the hours of travelling, especially to south London, which I’m still convinced is a completely different country to actual London, well, should I say North London, but it definitely requires some exploration. It’s so fascinating.

On with the rolling updates, I’ve finished university for the year, WHOOPPIII!!!! and now its onto finding a placement for the 2nd part of my second year. Honestly, I’m so not confident, lack of the actual word I’m looking for, when it comes to applying for most things. I guess I just lack confidence in these things, but then again I did manage to get this internship with Orange Rockcorps so I should have some confidence in my abilities. But yeah, the placement, I was so looking forward to trying to applying to some companies in Japan but unfortunately I won’t be able to due to the effects of the massive earthquake that hit during March. Though now reading this in my head sounds very selfish.

Hmmm feels very unfinished yet, busy times I guess. Ciao x

Life a.t.m.

Seemed so mind-numbingly repetitive until today. Again, I noticed that I was caught up in a loop of class, worrying about the work from class, the lack of a part-time job and that I’m still on the course that I am still uncertain about. However over the last 2 or so days, I have allotted time to rectifying this shift from the repetitive and unhappiness of my current situation. I’ve taken time off to visit a few places and galleries that I haven’t been to since last summer,  the Brick Lane area, V&A museum and the Signal gallery.

First off, I must say how overly disappointed/ dissatisfied I am with the execution of  the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition currently on at the V&A. *rant*

The space housing the exhibition seems like a half-baked thought. With no structured flow to the space, you are left at the entrance to your own devices and the confusion of trying to begin navigating your way through. This not being a bad thing when it helps or plays part in enhancing the exhibits, which I found it not to do either.

Next on my *rant*, You’re burdened with the laborious task of matching reference numbers on the exhibits to a sea of text, cleverly folded ≈A2 sized sheet of information. Not unusual, but there were no reference pictures for matching works and the information did go on a bit.

Did I mention that you weren’t allowed to sketch at this exhibition? Ok, I understand that no photography was allowed as people always forget to turn off their camera’s flashes but seriously, no sketching in an art museum in an art exhibition… V&A you get no ratings for that weak behaviour. *rant*

Besides those issues, that are defiantly related to my course, the exhibits were amaze and this collection only built on from what I saw and learnt about Yamamoto from the 30 years of Japanese fashion at the Barbican that I saw in October. I know I missed a lot of the other pieces that are related to the exhibition that are placed around the museum in areas that are said to enhance the pieces.

Next major stop on the self rejuvenation tour was the Signal Gallery on Paul Street, now a lot closer to Liverpool Street station than Old Street station as I found when my Nokia maps program took me to where the old gallery was. Not cool. Anyhoo, I arrived there and was able to view the Favela exhibition currently occupying the gallery space.

The exhibition was what I would call ‘real art’. It not only presents the issues of a situation that the artist, Jonathan Darby, felt very strongly about but does so by playing intensely on emotion. Unlike a lot of exhibitions I have been to that have presented similar issues this one works. The work has dictated how the space should be and not the gallery space.

This is second solo exhibition of Jonathan Darby’s work continuing one from his first and earlier works. It presents the children of the slums in Brazil. A lot of us know of the social problems that face these communities, Drugs, poverty, violence, abandonment by authorities due to these problems.

All the work is mixed media painted on distressed backings and materials. In creating his work, he builds up of layers that create a real depth.The work includes bars and containers over some of the works, which makes you think of entrapment, no escape.

It becomes more surreal as he has recreated areas of the slums in small pockets of the gallery in which you can feel the like there is no escape. Being from South America it was super surreal and reminded me of parts of town where we stayed when I was younger, so weird.

The proceeds from the works that are sold are donated kolibri, children at risk foundation. Highly recommended.

The exhibition was exceptional and was uber amaze for the recharge. Also I’ve been taking a lot more photos lately and its been so great. I feel like these breaks are needed more often, I feel like I need to do more arty things again, so yeah. I’ll post links to the photos when they’re ready I guess.


Images: Independant Website

Video: Signal gallery, release

Thought #17

Shops, department stores, boutiques I often forget that pieces of my favourite collections and other collections end up in these place. Whilst I gaze at the screen trying to get a some sort of understanding of a collection it’s often easier and a lot more fun to visit these stores of seasonal fashion bliss to gain a deeper feeling and connection as to why I like certain collections and pieces. It also gives that deeper understanding of how pieces are constructed and the level of care and precision goes into creating them.

We we’re having a bit of a nose around Liberty, ‘smelling life’ at the perfume counter, taking in the layers of the ocean and just generally having an awesome time. Almaz (courage at the tea party) is one of the best people to do this with.
But also exploring pieces and collections of the big designer is just as fun as finding new and fun pieces from those you haven’t heard of.
There was a collection of sweaters by Marcus Lupfer that were uber amaze. Upon the knitted sweaters were the heads of animals done in sequins. I thought, know, that they are pretty badass, laid out on the table like some kind of safari.


Definitely going to be hitting the stores a lot more. Like being a kid at a candy store, or for me, arty kid at a museum exploring. ❤

Bella Firenze and LuisaViaRoma

I’ve arrived back and it’s been great. (I do apologise about the belated entry.) Firenze was amazing, as always, and I cannot wait to return next month. The pièce de résistance of the entire weekend was the LuisaViaRoma Firenze4Ever 2nd edition Final Party event for which I was invited and was the one of the main reasons of my trip.

Invite to the LuisaViaRoma eventMy invite from LusiaViaRoma

OMG! At the event! It had to be one of the most events I’ve been to in such a long time. LuisaViaRoma has an amazingly beautiful shop layout and I love the design.

Anyways, the event was amazing. I met so many different people and saw so many different styles and attires. I snapped a few of my favourites.













On the left Betty of leBlogdeBetty in her super sweet shoes and killler over sized bow and next to her is Wendy of nitro:licious blog in her amazing YSL mohawk heels. The gorgeous model looking girl in the beautiful golden D&G is Francesca of GOODGONEGIRL blog.


The GeishaThe hat… ❤

The hat designers Ilaria and Veronica are amazing. When I first stopped Ilaria for a photo of her classic look she didn’t mention that the hat she was wearing was made by her. Both her and her sister were rocking their designs check it out Superduperhats.

And Fashion-a-Porter‘s blogger drapped in LanvinxH’n’M and rocking that dress and the shoes. THE SHOESSSSSS.

Loving the shoes. The shoe game at this party, I do often wonder why women and women alone get beautifully sculpted pieces of art for shoes. UNFAIR! DESIGNERS please get on this and create some art for men’s shoes.



I also meet Andrea of VelvetCircle, a fashion video site. She’s so awesome so check her out. And my fellow blogger Haritini of theSOHOsymposium was so exciting. I can’t wait to go back to Firenze, maybe we’ll meet up guys.

I’d like to say thank you to LuisaViaRoma for putting on such a great event and I hope to be able to visit again. I had a blast. Make sure you check out LuisaViaRoma.