A day around tah Spa

DSC_3194Wow. Bath, is such a picturesque town, (City? Does it have a cathedral?) bathed in history and great architectural uniformity, with rows of perfectly carved, decorative and carved masonry buildings, of the bath stone varieties. Lots of classical features accented perfectly with ornamentations.

A few weeks back we went on a day trip to witness some of the sights and sounds. Did I say how picturesque it was? The day was gorgeous and perfect, not to hot not to cold, just sun and a hint of a cool breeze.

We didn’t venture to far from the actual centre, bath spa station, but with only 5 hours it was quite difficult to. We did manage to find a great selection of stores within the first 5 mins. Shop or store 71 was my favourite hosting a lot of street and urban inspired wears. There was an amazing leather bomber jacket in black calling me to return after pay-day.


Please someone buy me a cottage or house here. Currently working through September, I know it’s the end of October but c’est moi.


Polaroid in Paris



Earlier in June, I managed to sneak away to Paris with a couple of friends for a few days. I’ve been to Paris before but still feel like I’ve yet to experience it beyond it’s chic and rose-tinted glasses view I seem to have. I was very fortunate to snap up a Polaroid camera, 180 Land camera, from eBay in what I would describe as perfect condition in time for my trip (literally, it arrived at work the friday I was leaving).

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Dans le Jardin des Tuileries

Whilst visiting my cousin in Paris, for a very long weekend relaxing trip, I thought why not try to get in a quick shoot with a style, lifestyle blogger.

Queue Zane of Zane and the City.

After checking his lookbook, there was something instinctively unique about his look and style that I thought, hey why not see if we can make something happen here. So I contacted him and it went from there.

The resulting images from the shoot, to say the least, were quite phenomenal. I’m quite impressed with my first ever shoot done on film, with my love child. Not to say it was all the film, but the rendering of portra 160 was beyond my expectations. Any ways I’d like to say thank you, not only to Zane for his time, style and allowing me to shoot, but also my cousin who played assistant whilst I played photographer. That was some fine reflector/camera bag/film passing you had going on there. Any ways check out his post here.

Silent Solitude


A couple of weeks back, a friend and I headed up (west, so, left on a map??) to Richmond park to try out the beauty that is 120 medium format film. He was determined and obsessed with the idea of seeing a few deers, I was more fixated on using my new lightmeter. The park is a vast and surreal expanse of land; broken up by the scattering of mounds, hills with clusters of trees (think ‘Where the Wild Things Are’) sparsely dotted about. There was a main road that flowed with slow-moving traffic throughout.


It had just snowed across much of London, giving the park’s open plain paths a beautifully thin blanket of white. The air was thin and quite chilly, the breeze, blisteringly bitter. We were quite high up, think Hampstead park, or Alexandra Palace, only higher, with the same sense of the incredible view peering through the hills and trees out onto London. There wasn’t much in the way of sound, apart from the odd dog’s bark or rush of wind through the trees.

It became clear that these weren’t ideal conditions for using a solid, 2.5kg, heft of metal and glass, and tripod, especially when you have to change a roll film, adding to previous nags about it being a studio camera (blah, the pussies). However the serene expanse of unbroken earth tones and grey-to-white tones viewed, and recorded was definitely not to be missed. An unusual serenity found within a city’s boarders.

Despite the weather, lack of deers, and multiple pedestrians with bewildered looks and questions, it was very enjoyable. Looking back on the pictures brings on the same feeling of zen from the day, coming out of my comfort zone of the neutral red and yellow brick tones and vast expanses of glass and steel that forms my usual environment.

Un Billet

A ticket, a piece of paper imprinted with a unique alpha-numerical sequence of digits containing an ample amount of information detailing the journey about to be embarked upon. This sequence of digits affords one to gaining all sorts of experiences, from the mundane commute to and from work to travelling half way around the world to immerse oneself in an entirely different culture for a week or so. Fortunately, for me, my ticket with its unique alpha-numerical sequences permitted me to a weekend break.

Paris. (Destination coded)

Ah Paris. I think I just found a new love. I’m not quite sure what it was about this city, with its filthy metro system and overly rude people however these are some of the little quirks that made me love it more.

I finally got my trip to Paris, This was my first time, it definitely won’t be my last. A lot of comparisons could and were made between London and Paris, a la my cousin, both have their rude, miserable looking people, but both have very distinctive vibes. Paris has this amazingly uniform architecture, white stone buildings, beautifully tiled roofs whilst London has the really stunning mix’n’match of the different architectural styles over the course of its history as a city.


My prior knowledge of Paris was based on much of what we were taught about The City at school through those gosh awful text books. To see that the Metro ticket system was still in full swing, gave an instant sense of familiarity, as though I’ve done it For much of my life. Also much like trying to find ones way around Paris, thinking that pharmacy was the same one that I passed getting off the Metro at St. Germain in an attempt to find Ladurée on Rue Bonaparte.

I must admit I didn’t take as many pictures as I probably should have that day, whilst on my educational (meandering) derivé however I gained a better understanding of how part of the city seems to work (also how easily one can get lost) but I shall be back again to discover understand more about this fascinatingly picturesque city.

Goedemorgen Rotterdam

**(I began writing this post whilst there, then realised that travel office could resolve certain files, plus lack of consistent internet, and blah blah blah, skip to rest of post ;3)**

We stayed in one of my favourite hotels, the NH Atlanta, great Art Deco architecture and interiors (much like the rest of Rotterdam). Filled with little fun quirks, part of the reason why I enjoy it there so much.

Left to Right: Breakfast inspiration, Lift Quotes, Weather Report

Carnival kicked of with battle of the drums and the rest is history (in the photos).

This year’s carnival tops last years one, though i don’t think this years images do (last years images have yet to touch Photoshop). I blame the photographer in this case. The camera’s too perfect to make any bad images. Though the experience is still all there, though I missed all the food photo opportunities, to busy stuffing my face.

And yet another year has passed where I have missed the opportunity to go to the Architecture Museum. One Year… However, just roaming around the city getting the chance to look at the buildings that weren’t in their final forms last year. The final products are just so much more beautiful, than the renders showed (so much better than anything produced here in London).

However a quick trip to Amsterdam for a few hour kinda (I’m still really annoyed) made up for this.

I don’t know. I guess I’ll be back next year :3