A private view

Sitting here listening to Kilo Kish’s low and mellowed mixtape, I’m reminded of Roman Erol‘s just passed live art installation for which he held a viewing.

The performance itself was fantastical haunting, connecting to the experiences of observation, connection and spirituality. We entered the room to the blank canvas upon the floor. Each of the elements were brought out in turn, each figure accompanied by a piece of text. Throughout the performance played a voice over of accompanying, this was the eerie additional element connecting the final sense to the work




Paulo Succar S/S 2014


Bold, colourful and print oriented with a formal yet sporty aesthetic, combination of my two favourite things. This is Paulo Succar‘s S/S 2014 collection, entitled “The Siqueiros Collection”.

The collection’s prints are inspired by the Mexican artist David Alfaro Siqueiros, who often used his works as a political tool. Characteristics of his bold and graphical style are seen very much in Paulo’s interpretations of reflected and mirrored prints.

The collection evokes a formal and urban sensibility. Its very laid back, something you could chill and kick about in, with its shorts, mesh mixed tees and snap backs, but then with the mix of tailored pieces bring that formal element. Its very confident and is definitely one of my favourite collections for the upcoming seasons.

Julian Zigerli SS14

JulianZigerli SS14

The collection entitled “At the worlds end to the left” is where Julian has found his spring/summer for 2014 and a very bold use of colour and structures to interoperate the seasons.

He has taken an artistic approach applying these amazing prints, worked in collaboration with Kathatrina Grosse, to his casual, urban vision. Working in layered knits, shorts, shirts and jackets. Katharina is a Berlin-based artist who work with colour on very large scales, mostly in acrylics, which are layered and textured across her ‘canvas’.

These two work together creating great flows within the prints, not overdoing them but giving them space to breath or engulf the garment to which they are applied. This shirt and shorts combination being my favourite pieces.

JulianZigerli SS14

I really enjoy this collection, for its flow of colour, light and layered knits which are needed for when those spring/ summer days begin. Also the casual and relaxed forms in the shirts and knits.

All images are from the lookbook.

Fashion and the Poetry

This has to be the ultimate fashion prayer, well the best I have heard so far. It was read to me, well the audience, today at the Poetry event at Keats house by its record holding author, Paul Lyalls. A lot of the poetry at the event held by Keats House with Poetry Forum was amazing. They had lots of different style ranging from traditional coffee-house to performance spoken word.
Similar events will be held the first sunday of every month and I will try my best to go to every one of them in support of my friend and all the poets. They’re SICK!

Watch this space for details.

Shirts, Shirts and Shirts

What makes a shirt? Collar? Check. Cuffs? Check. Body, sleeves and texture? Check, check and check. Yet Viktor&Rolf have deconstruct this simple formula and have rearranged and reconstructed the elements to create their 2011 S/S collection.

Loving the ribbon pin-stripe and I’m absolutely in love the  tailored shirt-sleeve pants. The attention to detail is immense, its like the pant leg cuff is done up with cufflinks. The tailoring on these garms is too amazing, like vibrant office wear.

Its femininity within the shirt, something a man wears to work, and Viktor&Rolf have managed to keep it masculine but also feminine with the forms and shapes. I love Viktor&Rolf and their ability to create shapes and forms.

Cultural day out

Latin Festival, just had to say that that was amazing. The salsa, the food (oh my gosh BEAUTIFUL),the capoeira (lack of) music and the friends made it all amazing though we missed the floats the whole ambience about the park was just so full of energy. South america is the place, Brazil 2014 eat your heart out.

The morning was culture filled too, we went to the Hackney Wick art festival, two totally different vibes. Although most of the art in East London is undoubtably becoming the same, there was one artist, though the term designer would better define her, that really stood out.
Natalie Thakur. Her message is simple and included the most awesome leather bags in the shapes of the plastic and paper ones that should be recycled but are more likely to be seen in an up-blown as a piece of litter. Reuseability is at the heart of the collection and they come in various styles and shapes that are incredibly real to their plastic and paper counter parts.

images provided by http://www.natthakur.co.uk/store

When architecture met fashion

First post from the blackberry but I came across this real interesting article about a bunch architect and architectural students that team up with fashion designers and students. Inspirational as it shows the two are not too distant