Whistle Mens A/W 2014

Oh how I’ve actually longed to write something about Whistle. First introduced to me by a University friend I very much fell in love with the modernity, yet versatility of the pieces. At this time however, in 2009, there wasn’t a menswear line and this saddened my soul as to me its a perfect blend of clean design but not for an eye watering price.

This fall they’ve done what I’ve hoped they’d do since this that day. Under the direction of Nick Passmore, the men’s collection has been brought to life. My favourite thing about this collection is how anti-fit, casual but still refined and smart this collection is. The colour palette is one of my favourites, but then again, I’ve always been very partial to a bit of navy, grey and white. They do incorporated pops though. Bit of pink here and there.


Two deposits for the Culture bank please

Monday 23rd June, I was awarded the luxury of some me time and decided to head to the Rude Boy Returns exhibition at Somerset house. Mad excited since my art directed emailed me about it the month prior, I knew I had to go.

The exhibition consisted of 5 rooms and a partial corridor within the south wing. The exhibition shows the evolution of the rude boy style from its roots in Jamaica to today’s arbiters of the style. Rude boy style is this fusion of impeccable tailored pieces and elements of different cultures and fashion genres. It’s about standing out and being true to yourself. That Tom Ford quote “Dressing well is a kind of good manners…” kept springing to mind as I wondered around the exhibition. Hopefully its one you got to see.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the Rude Boys from the exhibition, Seye Adelekan a musician. Dressed very sharply that one could not resist but to take a polaroid too.


Becoming incredible indulgent, I had a peak at the Colour through Form exhibition. Beautifully arranged pieces and fabrics, all very graphical. It was a great way to see fabrics, rugs and textiles presented in this way. Very different from the usual swatch packs found at designer’s stalls. Again, one to catch if you fancy a bit of interior design.

Nadia+Zehra Editorial

Fucking Young Fun Blog

In true wanna-be photographer and graphic designer styling, here are the results from a shoot I recently did with Nadia+Zehra at the Barbican. I’ve got to say, these girls are extremely talented, definitely check out their work on the link above. With one of my good friends, Kurtis, who was roped in offered to model and had to wear make up LOL, the results, I think, are pretty darn good. Well done team. Check the rest of the editorial out below.

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Paulo Succar S/S 2014


Bold, colourful and print oriented with a formal yet sporty aesthetic, combination of my two favourite things. This is Paulo Succar‘s S/S 2014 collection, entitled “The Siqueiros Collection”.

The collection’s prints are inspired by the Mexican artist David Alfaro Siqueiros, who often used his works as a political tool. Characteristics of his bold and graphical style are seen very much in Paulo’s interpretations of reflected and mirrored prints.

The collection evokes a formal and urban sensibility. Its very laid back, something you could chill and kick about in, with its shorts, mesh mixed tees and snap backs, but then with the mix of tailored pieces bring that formal element. Its very confident and is definitely one of my favourite collections for the upcoming seasons.

Julian Zigerli SS14

JulianZigerli SS14

The collection entitled “At the worlds end to the left” is where Julian has found his spring/summer for 2014 and a very bold use of colour and structures to interoperate the seasons.

He has taken an artistic approach applying these amazing prints, worked in collaboration with Kathatrina Grosse, to his casual, urban vision. Working in layered knits, shorts, shirts and jackets. Katharina is a Berlin-based artist who work with colour on very large scales, mostly in acrylics, which are layered and textured across her ‘canvas’.

These two work together creating great flows within the prints, not overdoing them but giving them space to breath or engulf the garment to which they are applied. This shirt and shorts combination being my favourite pieces.

JulianZigerli SS14

I really enjoy this collection, for its flow of colour, light and layered knits which are needed for when those spring/ summer days begin. Also the casual and relaxed forms in the shirts and knits.

All images are from the lookbook.