Who needs pixie dust?

There are a lot of ways to produce levitation within a photograph. Most involve the use of my nemesis, Photoshop. However like most things, simplicity is key and that is what Natsumi Hayashi achieves, whilst making it so effortless on her blog, YowaYowaCamera. (Title’s not as cool written in Romanji)

Each levitation image on her photo blog look so natural, and are quite beautifully crafted.

She doesn’t fall victim to the over manipulation in the post productive and seductive powers of photoshop, she keeps the elements very simple.

I love that she tells you not only how to achieve this but also how to do it in 3D. (Defiantly something I want to attempt.) I love the explanation for her choice of blog name too. Check out her photoblog.

(All images belong to Natsumi Hayashi and her blog)